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The J Academy project was born from a very specific idea:


"Training has the capacity to improve people, to change thoughts, to shape our actions.

Training is the only tool capable of improving us in practice, that is why we believe in training as a cure for the social and the working world.

We believe that training done in a fair, sincere and constructive way is a right but also a duty of every individual willing and wanting to improve, so it must be used with the best know-how, the best professionals and the best tools, to do but above all to do well".

The motto of JAcademy® is #changeyourlife as witnessed by the more than 2000 students who in the last 18 months have changed their lives by starting a new job full of professional satisfaction, or by increasing their potential.

99% of those enrolled have achieved their goal in less than 6 months, becoming recognised professionals and guaranteed by the J Academy brand.

The tools implemented by J Academy are:

Total support for students even after the course

The J Academy ARTIST seal of approval, which helps students reach the market and be recognised as quality operators

Technical support with the online academy

Top quality products and technology, registered throughout Europe

 J Academy® has registered courses in Microblading, Permanent Makeup, SkinCare, Eyelash Laminating, Nail, Eyelash Extension, Massage, Face and Body Treatments, Microneedling, BBGlow and other aesthetics courses.

The courses are certified at European level and the Academy is certified by OK School® and CIDESCO Italy. The J Academy® programme benefits from the collaboration of the best Masters, who undergo continuous training.

We hope that you too can achieve and surpass your best personal and professional goals, in the shortest possible time, and we remain at your disposal for all your needs.

Enjoy your work.

Last modified: Wednesday, 12 January 2022, 12:46 PM